357pcs Accessories Of Mini Grinder / Mini Grinder

Zambezi CartSKU: TACSD13571

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357pcs accessories of mini drill
4pcs Collets
16pcs Sanding bands
16pcs Sanding bands
2pcs Sanding shanks
2pcs Felt wheel pointed
2ps Felt wheels
4pcs Felt wheels
1pc Wrench
1pc Rubber emery wheel
1pc Diamond cutting disc
1pc Cloth wheel
6pcs Cut off wheels fiberglass
18pcs Grinding wheels
1pc Whet stone
2pcs Flap wheel
40pcs Cut off wheels heavy duty
40pcs Cut off wheels regular
50pcs sanding discs(coarse)
50pcs sanding discs(medium)
50pcs sanding discs(fine)
3pcs Brass brushes
3pcs Bristle brushes
3pcs Stainless steel brushes
6pcs Aluminum oxide grinding wheels with shank
4pcs Silicon carbide grinding wheels with shank
3pcs Mandrel for cut off wheels
1pc Mandrel for felt wheels
3pcs Hss cutter
10pcs Diamond bits
6pcs Hss drill
3pcs Wool polishing with shank
4pcs Rubber grinder with shank
1pc Polishing compound
Packed by plastic box



Model no. TACSD13571
Dimensions 25cm * 22cm * 7cm
Weight 0.85kg
Suitable for TG501032 Mini Grinder

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